Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tell me if the 1987 episode viewing order is working on mobile devices

Any of you reading TMNT Entity on a mobile device, do me a solid and let me know if the 1987 episode viewing order is formatting okay.

Basically, what happened is I wrote the article in a program other than Word and when I copy-pasted it into Blogger, it decided to make all the text solid black on my black background.  Blogger wouldn't cooperate when I tried to revert it to default blah blah blah and so I had to try recoloring it white so it would show up on the black background blah blah blah which allowed it to work on PC browsers but apparently not mobile devices, and so on.

People have been asking me to fix it for a while and I finally got the time to go through each line of HTML and delete the offending color span bullshit, hopefully allowing it to default.  But I don't have a fancy spaceman phone, so you'll have to tell me if it's working or not.