Saturday, July 14, 2018

Sorry about the comments filter!

Someone contacted me recently to tell me that my comments hadn't been getting published on the site.  Holy CRAP.  There were comments from mid-June that were still waiting to be published!

I dunno what happened.  I'm supposed to get an email notification whenever there's a comment submitted so I can vet it (I get a lot of spam).  I hadn't been getting those emails so I figured no one was commenting anymore.  Damn.

Well, I've published all those pending comments (except the spam), even the one by that dude who called me a racist (I wuv you, too).  My apologies; I'll check my Blogger settings and see what went wrong. 

A BIG THANKS to everyone who commented with support on my 10th Anniversary Article!  Your words of encouragement mean a lot!