Saturday, January 21, 2012

TMNT Adventures Special #1

Publication date: Summer, 1992

Cover art: Bill Wray


*If a Tree Falls…
*The Last Sea Serpent

Turtle Tips:

*The stories in this special continue directly into TMNT Adventures Special #2.

*Chronologically, I would place the stories in this special between TMNT Adventures #26 and TMNT Adventures #27.

*The letters page in TMNT Adventures Special #4 claimed that all stories in TMNT Adventures Special #1 and TMNT Adventures Special #2 take place between TMNT Adventures #4 and TMNT Advetures #5. However, references to issues taking place afterward as well as April working for WRTL instead of Channel 6 forces these stories to take place much later in the timeline.


Adam said...

Oh my word, Mark just started reviewing the Specials!

THIS... will get interesting.

Somebody better tell Milton Knight to start warming up in the bullpen!

T4_was_here said...

Fun face: The swedish Teenage Mutant HERO turtles comic hade these storys printed in the normal comic. Along with other storys I cant find anywhere else...
Must investigate further.