Monday, January 30, 2012

TMNT Adventures Special #4

Publication date: Spring, 1993
Cover: Milton Knight


*"Louie's Pasture, Part 1"
*"Pig Heaven, Part 2"

Turtle Tips:

*Chronologically, I would place these stories between TMNT Adventures #22 and TMNT Adventures #23.

*Due to the presence of Cudley the Cowlick, this story cannot take place between TMNT Adventures #38 and TMNT Adventures #48 and must take place beforehand. Considering the TMNT are chilling in their sewer lair, that forces it to take place before the "world tour" arc that began in TMNT Adventures #28, too. But it has to take place after Mighty Mutanimals (miniseries) #3, again, due to the presence of Cudley the Cowlick. Complicated, I know.


T4_was_here said...

GAH! That cover have the same artist as TMNT:Adventires Special #8 also know as THE WORST TURTLES COMIC *I* HAVE EVER READ!
Can't wait for you to review IT.
And that back story... aw man its still hurt just thinking about it...

Adam said...

The incomparable Milton Knight!

Considering his cover came as the first in a series of zany, super-deformed looking turtles drawn by himself, Hedden/McWeeney, and Bill Fingerman... I'd say he fits in quite well with the rest of 'em.