Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TMNT Adventures Special #11

Publication date: Winter, 1994

Cover: Brian Thomas and Ryan Brown


*“The Fifth Turtle
*“E = MC Zip Lock

Turtle Tips:

*In "The Fifth Turtle", Splinter celebrates his birthday. He previously celebrated his birthday in TMNT Adventures #45. So, obviously, this has to take place a year after that, but it also has to take place before TMNT Adventures #53, when the narrative becomes so serialized there’s no longer room for this story to take place. I place it after TMNT Adventures #52 to try and give it the most time since Splinter’s last birthday.

*Though I don't normally categorize TMNT Adventure stories as non-canon because of silliness, "E = MC Zip Lock" is just a bit too out there. The story is so stream of consciousness and full of impossibly cartoony nonsense that it simply doesn't work in-universe. Considering Mark Bode's last TMNT Adventures story, "Ninjara vs. Mondo Dog Catcher" was non-canon, I feel a bit better about this designation.


Fox Zerro said...

Finally, the one I've been eagerly awaiting... If only so some more photos of the "fifth turtle" can show up online

Adam said...

This issue can be hard to come by these days. I'm glad you found a copy!

Anonymous said...

the cover is slightly Chris Allan-ish, thought not totally.

Chet said...

Even the logo hints at 'Next Mutations'...