Thursday, March 14, 2013

TMNT (Fred Wolf) Season 3, Part 2 review

Over at Adventures in Poor Taste I take a look at the next 6 episodes in the Fred Wolf TMNT animated series.  The Rat King!  (yaay!)  Zach, the Fifth Turtle!  (boooo!)  Don Turtelli!  (meh)  Elvis clones from Mars! (zuh?)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles season 3, part 2 review.

Man, it's been almost 3 months since my last one of these?  Yikes.  It isn't because I'm losing my will to keep rewatching the show, I just sort of... forgot about it.  The last cartoon review article didn't get much of a response, so I decided to focus on other things.  I'll try to do more, though, otherwise I'll NEVER get through season 3...


Rowerowe Fightthepower said...

Not being the biggest Fred Wolf TMNT fan (well, not since I was eight, anyway), it's easier to read through your reviews than try to rewatch the show -- so I definitely appreciate them.

Mark Pellegrini said...



Honestly, I bought all the Lionsgate DVD releases of the Fred Wolf series as they came out, but only watched a couple episodes from each disk. When watching for personal entertainment, I just couldn't get back into the show.

But watching it to write these articles actually makes it a lot more fun and despite all my criticisms I'm enjoying the show more than I anticipated.

Anonymous said...

I actually find that watching the show as an adult is 10 times more entertaining than a kid.

The show is actually quite funny for both the right AND wrong reasons. And most of the shows plots were quite varied and entertaining, even if they do follow the same formula. Different things happen in every episode, no matter how many times you see Shredder/Krang defeated, the plots are always new and different.

Even the worst episodes of the original toon still have at least one funny joke or memorable moment in them to prevent it from being a total waste.

At the age of 27, I actually get more entertainment value out of it now than when I was a teen and thought I was, "too old for it."

Now that I accept it for what it is, its damn fun.


Pterobat said...

I've started re-watching this series off and on since the fall, and yeah, season three is a *real* slog. I'm now convinced the FW TMNT is something best taken in small, select doses.

The series tries to be quirky and funny, but it's really hard to hit that sweet spot of being so weird and dumb it's funny, and most of the episodes can't.

I always liked "Enter the Rat King" though, since Splinter was my favourite when I was a kid, and the Rat King is fun because for a Fred Wolf character, he can be a tiny bit unsettling. Tiny.

"Turtles at the Earth's Core" is okay, but it makes the dinosaur nut in me twitch, with its fat, dumpy saurians.

So does Zach...sometimes you don't have anything new to say about cliched nerd hate.

It's interesting that you bring up "The Big MACC Attack" and the Fugitoid because, while I already knew about the Fugitoid by the time I rewatched this episode, it struck me more as a blatant rip-off of "Short Circuit". Not even a parody, just a big old imitation.

Guille said...

Although maybe short commented, your reviews on the Fred Wolf episodes are highly appreciated Mark. They are a funny and interesting reading for idle moments.