Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I'm proud that I live in a time when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise can promise me something like this:

April Derp
Created from the DNA of April O’Neil, April Derp is a monstrous version of the original.  A clone “reject,” this hideous, hulking tool of the Kraang has two heads and super-strength!  Her very limited intelligence, however, is demonstrated by the single word she has in her vocabulary—“Derp!”
I love this show.


T4wasHere said...

And I am SO shipping it with Mutagenman~

Nathaniel T said...

It won't be long before people who never go on the internet will scream offense and call the writers "ableists."

Derpy Hooves Forever!

Mark Rodriguez said...

Honestly one of the most disgusting 'going too far' thing I've ever seen from the TMNT franchise. I mean, geez, one of her feet is basically a giant tumor. We'll have to see how they'll use this creature in the series but I'm not really looking forward to it.

Killer Moth said...

I don't know if I should be amused or do an epic face-palm. Or, "what could go wrong?"

On a more serious note, considering how much traction Season 2 is getting (reading up on Slash -- I don't like his design, but I love his character -- Mutagen Man and I heard Chrome Dome showed up, too), this could really derail the legit momentum..., for a while, anyway. (I'm only saying as an outsider, as I haven't watched Season 2 or the majority of the show, whereas, you guys have. Feel free to tell me I'm wrong.)

But, I'm with Mark R., as I fear it a big mistake. Unless done right, but that's a thin tight-rope in this day and age.

Wouldn't it have been easier to make a clone that combined all the things April mutated into during the 87 series, instead? Which would have made more sense, given all the 87 characters/concepts the series has been doing, lately. Oh, well.

Adam Winters said...

I had certainly seen this character model weeks ago, but I didn't know it now came with a description. Good to know it isn't the actual April O'Neil ruined beyond recognition. But it's still the creepiest thing we've seen from the show yet. Can't wait to hear her Derp on screen!

snowkatt said...

i have to agree with mark R and km here

this characters is not just creepy but also borderline offensive and insulting and goe sjust a little bit too far

it depends on how she is treated it could afterall be another insane in the membrane

but i doubt they will treat "derpril" that well