Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Update on the image restoration

Just a heads up, but I'm still plugging away at restoring all the lost images.  Some were archived via Google's image search, but most of those only continue to exist as thumbnails and are ultimately unusable.

I've finished redoing all of the Archie issues, which was a major casualty of the image losses, and thanks to sharing some articles with Adventures in Poor Taste, most of the research essays and whatnot have been restored (save for a couple that need work).

I'm going to tackle Mirage and Misc. Publications next and save Image for last (nearly every Image review is currently pictureless).  This is still going to take me a while, but I'm making progress and also improving many of the old images along the way.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate you going to all this trouble for us, Mark. Your reviews are amazing, and very helpful... especially for hard-to-find back issues. :)

John Pannozzi said...

I'm surprised the images "A Christmas Carol" haven't been restored yet. Same with Tales of the TMNT (vol. 1) #3, the Untitled Nobody Story from the Collected Tales of the TMNT, and the Fontispieces and Epilogue from the Tales of the TMNT Original Vol. 1 Series Treasury Edition.