Friday, August 22, 2014

My Donkey Krang shirt, available at RIPT for 24 hours!

This is the t-shirt I co-designed with my buddy, artist Timothy Lim.

"Donkey Krang" will be available for only $10 at RIPTApparel until midnight tonight!

It'll be available until noon tomorrow after that, but the price will go up a bit.  So if you like it, now's the time to pick it up.

Thanks to everyone who voted for the shirt and got it made!


Ioannes Paulus said...

just saw this.. it's not available at all anymore :/

Niko A. said...

I respect what RIPT does but man, this shirt really needs to available outside of that 24 hr period. I'd pay 20 for it right now.

Mark Pellegrini said...



Hopefully, it ought to be up on Tim's Neatoshop store soon, once the overlapping time period with RIPT runs out.

Glad you liked it!