Monday, February 23, 2015

Awesome Turtle Picture #34

It seems like Europe got a lot of beautiful painted covers for their trade paperback reprint collections of the Mirage TMNT series.  I posted the covers by Glenn Fabry before, now here is a beautiful piece by Tanino Liberatore:

It's a pretty stunning depiction of the events of Rick Veitch's "The River" trilogy.  You've got the demutated Raphael perched on Michelagelo's shoulder and a pretty intimidating rendition of Bloodsucker (with some great water effects; all done the old fashioned way) duking it out with Leonardo and Donatello.

Special thanks to user "Nortock Diab" of The Technodrome Forums for sharing this piece with me!


guille said...

I had this as a facebook cover last year, a truly engaging piece. Today i learnt about the book "TMNT: The ultimate visual history" and was watching this review and saw this art with the turtles in their stump asteroid costumes that look like and eastman or laird (maybe?). I know the design were actually made by them but never have seen that particular piece before. Have you, Mark? Plus, they look like they are chopping the fugitoid apart. Here's the link when it appears:

Mark Pellegrini said...


I have that one tucked away in a folder on my computer somewhere (where I dip in for all my Awesome Turtle Pics).

Laird actually posted that one on a Blast From The Past some while back. Evidently, it was an alternate design for the Turtles when he and Eastman were still figuring the characters out.

I ought to pick up that Ultimate History book one of these days, though.

Anonymous said...

Liberatore also made this :

Adam said...

That expression on Leo gives him a bit of a Will Vinton "claymation" vibe.

Guille said...

thanks, mark! And that other Liberatore pic is really cool!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering, what exactly is that on Bloodsucker's shoulder (that is also "biting" into Donatello's shoulder)?