Tuesday, March 24, 2015

This week, I review a cartoon for preteen goth girls at AIPT

And my cartoon review for the week over at AIPT is a show I wasn't expecting to like, but hey.

Ruby Gloom, a Canadian cartoon based on the mascot of a T-shirt company.

Flash (or Toon Boom) animated shows from Canada usually aren't that great ("aren't that great" is a polite way of saying "Johnny Test"), and being based off of a corporate mascot didn't help to make it any more enticing.  But the show was surprisingly fun.  Very cute, but the gothic graveyard vibe helped offset that element enough to be palatable instead of saccharine. 

Anyway, I'll try to post a Turtle article or two before the weekend.  Mutanimals #2 and New Animated Adventures #21 should be out on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Not that I'm complaining or anything, but did you always post reviews for cartoons unrelated to TMNT on this site? I don't remember you doing that in the past until very recently. There's a lot of unrelated TMNT stuff posted as recent entries lately.

I remember you posted some Horror movie reviews here too once before. I understand you're advertising your hard work but I'm surprised you're doing it now instead of from the beginning.

Again don't take this as a complaint or anything, its more out of curiosity than anything. I understand you work hard on reviews and posting a link here allows more people to see it that they wouldn't otherwise. I'm just wondering if we can expect more non-TMNT stuff posted here?

templeofthesmilingjackalope said...

Personal experience speaking here: If you have a gothy Millennial girlfriend, introducing her to Ruby Gloom will probably make her week.