Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Night of the Living Doo: The forgotten Scooby-Doo TV special

This week's cartoon review over at AIPT is Night of the Living Doo, a 2001 late night Scooby-Doo TV special that was aimed more at adults.

The thing was pretty entertaining, even if it ran a few of the same gags into the ground.  It felt like an Adult Swim prototype in visual style, though the humor wasn't nearly that crass.

And on the TMNT front, I'll probably start knocking out those prequel comics to the 2007 Imagi film this weekend.

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Chris Arndt said...

I know I've seen this.

I don't remember enough to contribute except I always have mixed feelings about David Cross.... and recasting classic voices always has that awkward experience in watching new stories.

I haven't really enjoyed a Bugs Bunny cartoon produced after Mel Blanc passed. Although to be fair part of my dislike for the new Tunes/Melodies stuff is the writing.

At least for What's New Scooby Doo the writing ended up brilliant and everyone consistent with character.