Sunday, April 3, 2016

TMHT Adventures #51

Publication date: December 28, 1991 - January 10, 1992


*Reprint of Archie's TMNT Adventures #28 with a new cover by Fleetway in-house artist.

Turtle Tips:

*This issue was preceded by TMHT Adventures #50.  The series continues in TMHT Adventures #52.

*The last issue to contain an Archie reprint was TMHT Adventures #49.  The next issue to contain an Archie reprint will be TMHT Adventures #54.

1 comment:

Killer Moth said...

The cover reminds me of the "Everyone Loves Ned Flanders" short or its opening.

"Everyone else loves the Ninja Turtles."

Shredder pops up to say, "Not me."

"Everyone who counts loves the Ninja Turtles."

Or use "Hero Turtles," though, the melody works better with "Ninja," I think, because of the "Ned" part in the original chorus. Voice it out yourself and see which one you like better.