Sunday, July 3, 2016

FINALLY! I'm done indexing the Fleetway TMHT Adventures series!

This was a pain in the ass that took way longer than it should've, but the Fleetway TMHT Adventures index is finally complete and ready to be filled in with reviews.

I don't have all the issues of TMHT Adventures and many of them are just Archie reprints, so creating an index first and then reviewing what I have seemed like the best option.  It wasn't any fun making that thing since it was all just copy-pasting article templates, filling in data and then hotlinking the fuck out of it all.  But now I can do the fun stuff!

I also decided to knock out article stubs for the TMHT Annual and Special issues published in the UK by Grandreams.  You can find those in the Misc. Publishers index.  There were only four issues of those total and I only have one of them, so alas, it'll be another series I won't be able to review to 100% completion.

Anyway, I think most of my retro reviews from now on are all going to be UK-centric.  I have issues of Fleetway's TMHT Adventures based on the Fred Wolf cartoon, Titan's TMNT Comic based on the 4Kids cartoon, and Panini's TMNT Magazine based on the Nickelodeon cartoon.

Prepare for a grueling marathon of dry puns.

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