Monday, November 28, 2016

TMNT (2003) Season 1, Part 1 review at AIPT

Without delay, here's my review of TMNT (2003) Season 1, Part 1 at AIPT!

I examine the first 6 episodes of the 4Kids series and to my elation, much of it holds up to 13 years of scrutiny!  Well, except the roller blades, razor scooters and April's baffling tube top/cargo pants ensemble.  But ah, to be a teenager again...


Sam said...

Oh man, looking forward to THIS.

I always enjoyed this show too. Always loved the lengths that Raph and Leo went to avoid using their weapons on living foes. I remember lots of "parrying with weapon then kicking" sequences. It was still a step up from them throwing pizza dough or whatever on people I guess. Of course then the show would have some really gruesome violence out of nowhere.

Do you remember this show having a negative reaction when it came out? Not necessarily from diehard TMNT fans, but rather your average person who grew up with the 1987 series. I remember lots of people complaining that the show was too different. That and the show doesn't seem to have a lot of following nowadays. Maybe the nostalgia train hasn't hit it yet? Or maybe it has a sort of "middle child" syndrome with both the 1987 and 2012 series being very popular.

Mark Pellegrini said...


I recall a mixed but mostly positive reaction at the time. A few people I talked to online regarded it derisively as a "poser" or whatever, but most folks I talked to in person thought it was really cool. I DO recall that some casual fans kept asking when Bebop and Rocksteady or Krang were going to show up and wondering why they weren't in the show, mostly because they were oblivious to the Mirage comics and what characters were and weren't in that material.

As for it's current status, it is in a weird place since it hasn't hit that nostalgia trend quite yet (we're currently mired in 90s nostalgia, but 00s nostalgia is ultimately around the corner). I think the bigger issue with why we haven't seen more influence from it in contemporary TMNT media has to do with the 4Kids series being an adaptation of the Mirage comics first and foremost, so a lot of the content from that show is superseded by Mirage.

But we've been seeing several elements pop up. Karai as Shredder's daughter (or descendant) is a 4Kids original thing, and that's become her default portrayal. Hun and Bishop have popped up, too, in both the new cartoon and IDW comics. And of course Dun and the Street Phantoms in recent IDW. So the more important characters and concepts from 4Kids have made it into modern media and that's what counts.

Morris Beauregard said...

The way you know that this show is really great? These voices are the voices I use whenever I'm reading TMNT comics. Many of the voices here are my definitive character voices. Except Michelangelo and Leatherhead. I prefer their Nick voices. Looking forward to more great reviews of this awesome* show.

*except seasons 6 and 7

Anonymous said...

What's weird is to think this show is now nearly 14 years old. It debuted in February 2003. I mean, I still think of this show as "recent" but its literally a decade and a half old. The kids who watched this show when it aired are now fully grown adults themselves. For some reason the early 2000's don't feel as old as the 90's did when the 2000's were "current" for whatever reason.

I literally have no idea how this happened. 2005 feels like only yesterday to me, not over a decade ago. I guess as an adult time flies way too damn fast, we went from being teenagers when this show was airing to 30 year old adults. Goddamn.

Time flies, man.

Adam Winters said...

As bad as the theme song lyrics were... the "Turtles count it off... 1, 2, 3, 4, Turtles!" is forever burned into my memory on account of the DVD episode break buffers.

Nacho ! said...

I SOOOOO love this show!!