Thursday, December 15, 2016

TMNT (2003) Season 1, Part 2 review at AIPT

Over at AIPT I've posted my review for TMNT (2003) Season 1, Part 2!

In this bunch we get that awesome two-part first encounter with the Shredder that's just as good now as it was 13 years ago.  We also get Garbageman.  Sigh.

I'll see if I can knock out one more of these before end of year.  I'll get to Batman/TMNT Adventures #2 this weekend, though.


Anonymous said...

The Garbageman episode is also a ripoff of the Batman:TAS episode where some rich fat guy always eating chicken kidnaps a bunch of homeless people and makes them work as slaves for him. That wasn't a very good episode of B:TAS either, and its bizarre to see one of the weakest eps of B:TAS done for TMNT over a decade later.

I also liked Shredder trying to get Leonardo to work for him. I'm betting that's what inspired IDW to do their "Dark Leonardo" arc in the second year, as Tom Waltz said the 4kids series is his favorite incarnation. Same reason he took a minor character like Angel and somehow made her into a major TMNT character as well as Nobody.

Tao Jones T.jones said...

From what I have seen, the idw comics is doing a better job developing the supporting characters and the villains than the current tmnt cartoon. And the shredder in idw comics feels like a combination of 2003 shredder and 2012 shredder.