Friday, December 30, 2016

TMNT (2003) Season 1, Part 3 review at AIPT

I promised I'd get one more of these in before the end of the year!

Here's my review of TMNT (2003) Season 1, Part 3 over at AIPT.

"Notes from the Underground" was just as boring as I remembered it.  "The King" was just as exact an adaptation of the Donatello micro as I remembered it.  And "The Shredder Strikes Back" was just as freakin' awesome as I remembered it.



Anonymous said...

Notes of the Underground should have been a 2-parter, but I didn't think it was all that boring. Lot's of padding, sure, but this was the first time in this series we saw the Turtles fight mutants or monsters, so it was unique for this particular universe. Up till now they only really fought Foot, robots like Mousers or Nano, and whatever the hell Garbageman was supposed to be.

It is kinda interesting Peter Laird said he didn't want a lot of mutants in the 4kids series like the others, yet this episode had a whole bunch of monster looking mutants mutated from people. I guess because they didn't look like talking animal mutants, like the most popular Fred Wolf/Archie/Playmates mutants looked like in the 90's...he was OK with that? Seems to be a weird disconnect, the Turtles can fight mutants as long as they look like monsters...but they can't fight mutants that look like talking animals.

Adam Winters said...

You did that stretch of episodes justice!

Anonymous said...

Interesting side note about 'The King': 4kids aired the unfinished version.

When Cartoon Network aired it in reruns it had an extra scene at the end that the comic ended on (ya know, the one where Raph angrily asks Don what the hold up was, Don gives him a glare, and Don solemnly reads Kirby's note on a windowsill).

Guess it wasn't finished yet when 4kids aired it or something.

Anonymous said...

The finished version is also on the DVDs.

Anonymous said...

I vividly remember seeing the complete version of The King when it first aired on the FoxBox in 2003. Maybe your local Fox affiliate had a glitch?

Anonymous said...

It didn't. I watched the episode when it originally aired and it just ends with Don staying in the cellar after the paper airplane comes through the portal. The finished version when Don takes a look at Kirby's letter was animated later. Peter Laird has a whole article about it on his blog, if you search for it you can find it and see how they added it later.