Monday, January 23, 2017

TMNT (2003) Season 1, Part 4 review is up!

My review for TMNT (2003) Season 1, Part 4 is up over at AIPT!

These episodes cover the (brief) "exile to Northampton" era and the fantastic "Return to New York" 3-parter.  Introduction of the Turtle Tots aside, these are some damn good episodes.

As for comics, I was too busy last week to pick up TMNT Universe, but I'll nab it on Wednesday along with this week's new releases and then play catch-up.


Sam said...

Splinter is great during the fight with the Foot Mystics.


Anonymous said...

The 4kids series does another Northampton arc at the beginning of Season 4 which lasts about 4 episodes, as they come home from space after defeating Ch'rell in Season 3's finale.

They also adapt a few more Mirage issues there they skipped over this time around, like Cousin Sid, and issue #12 with H.A.T.E and that nuclear bomb. And of course "Sons of the Silent Age" as well as "I, Monster" which is Rat King's debut.

I think the 4kids writers realized the Northampton exile was a bit too brief in Season 1. So....they gave us another the start of Season 4. Isn't that nice of them?

Anonymous said...

Good review.

Anonymous said...

I always hated how Shredder threatened to kill Baxter if he didn't bring back evidence of the turtles' demise. Either they're dead, or they're not... don't you want an accurate answer to that? Seemed OOC of him to want Baxter to just play the "yes man" there.

Killer Moth said...

"I always hated how Shredder threatened to kill Baxter if he didn't bring back evidence of the turtles' demise. Either they're dead, or they're not... don't you want an accurate answer to that? Seemed OOC of him to want Baxter to just play the "yes man" there."

Beat me to the punch, but, yes, THIS. It would be one thing if Baxter actually participated in the Second Time Around battle or was tasked directly into killing the Turtles himself. He wasn't, so it came off as Shredder being needlessly cruel for plot's sake. It was classic "kill the Messenger" villainy, which first turned me off about 4Kids Shredder. Which was frustrating, as I had no problems with him until then. Contrast to Fred Wolf or Nick Shredder, who, at worst, probably would have maybe berated Baxter and just moved on.

Mirage Shredder had the better idea and had back-up prepared just in case. Then again, as Mark said, 4Kids Shredder being off-guard here gave the Turtles their opening, so the evidence faking works well enough, even if Isenberg should have went a different way. Unless he wanted to raise the stakes for Baxter or give Baxter a more noble side reason to fake the evidence, besides ingratiating himself to the Shredder, like survival? Standard Villainous Demotivator, as per TV Tropes, seems more likely.

"The stuff between Baxter’s defeat and the final battle with the Shredder does come across a bit like filler. The Turtles fight the Elite Guard again and the Shredder keeps throwing more and more and more Foot Soldiers at them, and that’s getting tiresome by this point. When the Guardians finally show up to remove all distractions so the Turtles can AT LAST take on the Shredder, you’ll be extremely grateful."

While I do love Turtle vs. Foot Soldier fighting in any continuity, Mark was quite on-point with this observation. Likewise about the "extremely grateful" part, too, as I felt the same during a semi-recent marathoning of 4Kids Return to New York.

Lastly, I didn't know about the potential Season 7 plans to use the Turtle Tots as main characters. Dodged a serious bullet there.

Well done review, as always.

Lemirado said...

Shredder´s clones on IDW? When?

Mark Pellegrini said...


Small appearance in the back-up in TMNT Universe. They were a hallucination, so the "real" Shredder Clones haven't appeared, if they will exist at all in the IDW universe beyond the hallucination.

Anonymous said...

It's really weird how Baxter working for the Shredder has been done in every TMNT universe after Mirage, and it only started because of the original cartoon. In Mirage Shredder and Baxter never even met.

In the original cartoon Baxter works for Shredder in Season 1 and early Season 2, and that somehow became "canon" to every universe after. Just another thing the Fred Wolf cartoon had an impact on that's still felt years later, because Baxter worked for Shredder in 4kids, in the Nick cartoon, in the new 2016 Platinum Dunes movie, and for a short time even in IDW.

And Baxter is always mistreated or threatened by Shredder in each. The Fred Wolf cartoon really shaped Baxter's character for the future of the entire franchise, this is often overlooked as opposed to the obvious Krang/Bebop/Rocksteady impact on the franchise.

Tao Jones T.jones said...

Basically, making Baxter shredder's bitch. That's why I like IDW Baxter, because he serves no one but himself. Also, the 80s cartoon wasn't the only one to have an impact on the comics. Karai was an independent character in the mirage comics, and became leader of the foot after Saki died. But in the 2003 series, she is portrayed as Shredder's daughter and that has been "canon" ever since. I personally don't like this, because karai was a great character in the mirage comics and didn't need to be related to the shredder, yet thanks 2 the 03 cartoon, she has been the depicted as a relative of wither shredder or Splinter.

Chris Arndt said...

In the Fred Wolf cartoon Shredder didn't really abuse Baxter Stockman and Kang executing him was arbitrary and capricious, without prejudice.

Then StockmanFly has been attempted to outright murder Shredder for the rest of their mutual appearances, if I recall correctly.