Monday, February 20, 2017

TMNT (2003) Season 1, Part 5 review at AIPT

Over at AIPT, I finish up my review of TMNT (2003) Season 1 with the last 3 episodes and some bonus content!

"The Search for Splinter" arc is a bit of a drag to end the season on, at least coming after the more explosive "Return to New York" arc, but it has some solid moments in it.  I also check out the first series of short segments that ran during commercial breaks and for some reason are all in terrible quality on You Tube.

Alright, I'm going to do some different cartoon write-ups before I get back on the 4Kids TMNT wagon, but it shouldn't be too long before I tackle season 2!  Maybe the outer space arc won't be quite as boring as I remember it.  One can only hope.

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Anonymous said...

The space arc in 4kids is only 5 episodes, and from what I remember only the third episode dragged, the one they were in the Triceraton prison for the whole entire episode. The Nick space arc was a whopping 13 episodes, literally half a season, so we can be glad 4kids didn't spend half of Season 2 doing that. Overall though I notice the space arcs are more enjoyable when you marathon through them back to back or watch them close together. When they aired on TV you had to wait once a week, or even longer during rerun breaks, that's where the bad rep comes from.

I also love the Triceratons so it's enjoyable for them as well. The Federation are rather boring, I much like the fact that they were essentially replaced by the Neutrinos in Fred Wolf and now IDW. I don't know, aliens with pointy elf ears are more enjoyable than just bland human aliens.

Come to think of it, I wonder if the Fred Wolf episode, "A Dimension X story" was meant to be the original cartoons take on the space arc. They even go to an alien bar in that ep similar to the one in Mirage/4kids. They went to Dimension X a few times in the original toon, more or less inspired by the space settings of Mirage prior.