Friday, April 14, 2017

New manga translation! 2003 Casey Jones toy pack-in comic

One more update before the weekend!  Adam Winters (raw scans), Cryomancer (image edits) and I (script translation) have finished up another TMNT manga scanlation.  This time, it's the pack-in comic that came with the 2003 Casey Jones action figure.  Story and art by Naoto Tsushima!

OITG's website is having some trouble for the moment, so I'll link to their Mediafire page so you can download from there.

So far, we've done the April and Casey pack-in comics, but I'd love to do more of them.  Unfortunately, they aren't easy to come by.  But hey, if you have scans of any of the others, send em our way and we'll be happy to scanlate them for you!

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