Monday, April 24, 2017

TMNT (2003) Season 2, Part 1 review at AIPT!

My review for TMNT (2003) Season 2, Part 1 is up over at AIPT!

In this installment, I cover the 5-part "Turtles in Space" saga, and no surprise, that's NOT one of my favorites stretches of episodes.  Still, now that it's behind me I can dive deeper into season 2 with a little more enthusiasm.  And hey, plenty of Triceratons and they're always cool.

TMNT Universe #9 also comes out this week, so I'll get to that by the weekend at the latest.


Adam Winters said...

"I *hate it* when the Ninja Turtles go on protracted outer space adventures. I didn’t like it when the original Mirage comics did it, I didn’t like it when the recent Nickelodeon cartoon did it (for THIRTEEN episodes), and I didn’t dig it when the 2003 TMNT cartoon did it. When the Turtles go into space, I always just sorta check out."

Ah, but I couldn't help but remember...
"The Final Conflict" (#5-13) is my favorite arc of the book for this very reason"

But perhaps your enjoyment of the Archie space arc had more to do with the art than anything else?

Anonymous said...

I was actually thinking about this arc a few days ago, and in my head it was

1. Turtles on another world being chased and fighting
2. Turtles still being chased and fighting
3. Turtles in gladiator combat with plungers getting ready to be chased
4. Turtles on a space station being chased and fighting

At four episodes it still felt to long in my head, I can't imagine there being a fifth episode. Nice to know I'm not the only person that thought these episodes needed to be merged together and the padding cut.

Dom Clark said...

Mark, Love your blog and read everything you put up. Disagree with you on Space Turtles tho! I love it and this story arc is my favourite. I love it in the Mirage comics and tbh the Nic cartoon was great fun to ;) But in particular this arc is a highlight of the whole 2003 show. Totally agree with you on the great characters tho. Triceratons Utroms and Fugitoid are up there with Mousers & Baxter Stockman for me.

Killer Moth said...


In fairness, Ken Mitchroney does some really awesome art throughout most of the arc. My only real issue was the deus ex machina ending with the Turnstone, but a MacGuffin like that, it's a necessary evil. It was still worth it to finally see Shredder in prison -- though, he didn't stay there for long -- and Krang's reaction to being on Morbus.

Anyway, I mostly agree with Mark's grievance, as I don't much care for the protracted outer space adventures in the franchise, either. In hindsight, maybe it's just as well the Fred Wolf Turtles didn't go to Dimension X or outer space as often, or didn't outstay their welcome too much per episode. I'm kinda re-marathoning the series, lately, so maybe I should just take count.

One day, maybe some animation or comic team will do something interesting with General Blanque or the Federation (as can't say I was impressed with 4Kids' efforts, but I blame the source material for that, really). I don't mind the Federation/Triceraton rivalry in theory, but it always felt like "generic humans and aliens shooting at each other" to me. Probably would have skated way too much past the various Star Trek copyrights, but since the TMNT Federation was supposed to be the evil version of the Trek Federation, having, say, a tweaked version of the Mirror-verse Terran Empire vs. the Triceratons would have done the trick nicely. For what it's worth, I did like the Nick series' Kraang/Triceraton rivalry, what little we saw of it.

As always, it's a good batch of reviews. Can't wait for the next one.

Anonymous said...

You didn't like the Battle Nexus arc? I'm surprised, it seems to be the most universally praised new storyline from the 4kids series.