Friday, June 23, 2017

TMNT (2003) Season 2, Part 3 review at AIPT

My review of TMNT (2003) Season 2, Part 3 is up at AIPT!

The highlight for this batch was "What a Croc", the introduction of the 4Kids version of Leatherhead.  The rest were pretty meh, especially the rather badly paced and watered down adaptation of "City at War".  Also the underground mutants, but nobody gives a shit about them.

TMNT Universe #11 came out this week and I'll try to get my copy this weekend, so that should be on the slate soon.


Adam Winters said...

"Her arc’s going to be very interesting. I just wish her voice actress, Karen Neil, didn’t give her such a painfully artificial “Me so horny” Japanese accent."

Man, you have articulated something that bugged me about Karai's voice acting from the very beginning.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, I was dreading when you got to that awful, awful music moment. Won't be the last time, either.

Poor poor 4Kids (or at least their in-house band, the--gag--"4Kids Five"). They genuinely believed they could pass as a real band, and no one had the heart to tell them otherwise.

Anonymous said...

The 4kids version of City at War gets a lot of flak, but I dunno, the cartoon version of it was pretty decent on it's own as long as you don't compare it to the comic version. Obviously the whole story with Casey/Gabrielle was never going to happen in the show, and Rat King hadn't been introduced in the cartoon yet. I think 4kids managed to put their own spin on it for their universe pretty decently.

Mystery Cup of Joe said...

I agree with the last comment, it was a decent adaptation of City at War. However, I think it would be cool if Nickelodeon makes one shot Tmnt carton movies based off the comics like how DC and Warner Brothers are doing. They can probably put in the more intense moments going that route. I do have to admit, I expected some gory moments from City at War from the way it was going. Funny enough, those moments come in later when I did not expect them ( I.e. Donnie traveling to a possible future Earth). Nice review as always.