Friday, September 15, 2017

TMNT (2003) Season 3, Part 1 review at AIPT

Alright!  Season three!  I've been dying to get to this season since I started my 4Kids TMNT cartoon review series.

You can find my review of the first 4 episodes (and the awful Flash-animated shorts) over at AIPT.

Lots of Triceraton action in this three-parter, which is actually more the first half of a six-parter, but that's the 4Kids series for ya.  Also did the Christmas special, since even though it's cataloged as being in the middle of the season, it really has to take place at the start of the season.

And then there's those terrible Flashtoons that Fox used as filler between commercial breaks.  I got them out of the way.  I'm glad.


Killer Moth said...

"The animation on this episode, in particular, is very, very good. There’s a moment where Mikey confronts the Purple Dragons as they steal the toy truck and he straight up pulls off a hurricane kick from Street Fighter II. It looks phenomenal (if a little ridiculous)."

Here I thought it was just the 2003 Teen Titans animated series that did video game fighting references. I guess playing fighter games is what early 2000's era professional animators did in their downtime. While I would recognize the Hurricane Kick, there are many moves that I wouldn't know unless told, as I usually don't play fighting games. The only one I'm actually good at is the Super NES Tournament Fighters version (it's great for fighting game newbies or veterans).

"And believe it or not, but the idea of the Triceratons invading Earth is something Mirage never did, despite it seeming so intuitive. Closest the comic ever got was TMNT (Vol. 2) #12Â where a small group of Triceratons follow the transmat signal to Earth and then all die in a fireball. TMNT (Vol. 3) #19 did begin a storyline where the Triceratons come to Earth in larger numbers, but as a commando mission and not an all-out invasion. TMNT (Vol. 4) #5Â had the Utroms arrive on Earth and cause a global panic, but it was a diplomatic mission and not an “invasion.” Nope, this incredibly obvious follow-up to the outer space adventure storyline is a 100% 4Kids original."

That's quite fascinating in how Mirage never went there. Especially as all three animated series have done an Earth-based Triceraton invasion in various size or scope. I'll probably defer to the 4Kids version, as I do enjoy Mission of Gravity and its exploring Beijing's Manhattan Project-esque fate.

I never knew about the Flashtoon shorts, while I barely recall the Dong Woo shorts when I taped the series, 15 years ago. Great, now I got to dig out my tapes to see if I did actually tape the Flashtoons, or not. I don't know! Heh.

Not much else to say beyond my usual "good review was good."

Adam Winters said...

Oh, yeah, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was huge during the production era of the 4Kids toon!

Anonymous said...

I think all those flash shorts were on youtube last time I checked...but that was back in like 2015 so no idea if they're still there.

Chris Arndt said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Mark, what did you think of the Shredder vs Silver Samurai episode that Death Battle recently uploaded? Agree or disagree with the result?

Mystery Cup of Joe said...

The video game adaption of Season 3 for the PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube made me realize something. The turtles are pretty much helpless when it comes to armies with military weapons. I got beat almost every time I tried to rush head first to those gun, wielding Triceratons. I am glad they represented that in the show as well. It brings a sort of realism than just having the Turtles beat them all due to "Ninja Power." It kind of makes you wonder how far the Turtles can continue with ninja skill alone and if they are doomed to a bleak future of irrelevance as the Mirage comics and some episodes of this series suggest.

As for the break away from the Mirage comics, yeah that is to be expected. The 2012 series kind of peppered the Mirage influence throughout its run but the 2003 series used those story lines mostly in the first and second season. However, I rather enjoyed the new story lines. I don't mean to bash the Mirage series but I felt all the way up to City at War is pretty much the finale. I know there were other issues, but they don't really stand out as much as the beginning and City at War. The 2003 and 2012 series have done a wonderful job of continuing the story lines on their own and they are pretty memorable (I believe both of them end by teaming up with the 80's Turtles).

Awesome review. Can't wait for the showdown with Bishop and then the Shredder.

Anonymous said...

Cool, more 4kids turtles. You know I'm actually rewatching the whole show right now. Of course I'm not at Fast Forward, so uh, you might not catch up.