Monday, November 27, 2017

Update: Hiatus should be over this week

TMNT Entity readers,

Thank you for your patience and your support during the hiatus.  I very much appreciate all the kind words and shout-outs; it really helped me stay motivated while everything else going on sucked.

The good news is that I've finished moving to a (hopefully) safer neighborhood, setting up my internet connection and new home office, and I've been able to pick up all the IDW issues that were published while I was getting things in order.  I'm going to start playing catch-up this weekend.  The complete TMNT/Ghostbusters II miniseries will be out by then, so I'll probably just plow my way through all of that before getting to issues of Universe and the ongoing.  As for the 4kids TMNT cartoon reviews, I've gotten a replacement TV, too, so I want to get back on those ASAP, as well.

Now, the bad news is that my stolen PC, with all its unbacked-up files, is gone for good.  The cops can't get it back; it was likely trashed by the burglar for being assumed worthless.  I learned a valuable lesson about backing my shit up, though it cost me quite a bundle in irreplaceable files (including 4 chapters of a new book I've been writing for over a year and now have to find the resolve to start over from scratch).  So I suppose if I can share any obvious wisdom gained from this experience: Back your shit up.  You may think "it'll never happen to me", but when it does, it freakin' suuuuuucks.

As for all the UK Turtle comics that I only had digitally and are now gone, I'll see if I can get some of them back from the generous individuals who donated them to me in the first place.  I think reacquiring the Fleetway books will be the easiest; not so sure about most of the Panini stuff.  There were also a ton of resources I was curating for an upcoming Manga guide/index that I'll have to try and get again.

But I won't be quitting, even after this setback.  Next year is TMNT Entity's 10th Anniversary, and quitting before that milestone would be a tragedy (sort of).  So look forward to more content on the site beginning this week as I get back in the saddle.  Thanks again for all your support!

With sincere gratitude,
Mark Pellegrini


Anonymous said...

Im glad you are back on the road again!

Cheers from Mexico, I wish you the best!

Anonymous said...

You can still get the first 48 issues of the Panini magazine on the Technodrome forums.

Killer Moth said...

"So I suppose if I can share any obvious wisdom gained from this experience: Back your shit up. You may think "it'll never happen to me", but when it does, it freakin' suuuuuucks."

It's tedious work, but oh so necessary. I'm still sorry you had to learn that in the worst way possible. Usually, a good ransomware attack does the trick.

Anyway, I'm glad things are becoming stable for you again. It may not be enough or I may be too late to say this, but I do read Entity daily and finding out what you have to say about the Turtles on any given day is becoming a necessary fact of life in my life as a TMNT fan. Now the unpleasantness is nearly over, I'm most happy to see you resuming. I have no idea what your 10th anniversary plans for Entity will be, if any, but they'll be most interesting, I'm sure.

Now I'm very curious about the book you're writing. Hmm...

Anonymous said...

Hope everything is well. Also while I'm sure you know this, even if you didn't get a new TV, you could watch all the 4kids episodes on your computer since DVDs can be played there and not just on TV if you have a disc drive. Besides that all the episodes are also uploaded to youtube as well, for some reason Viacom doesn't take down the 4kids eps on youtube even if they're copyright infringement. Last I checked all 156 episodes of the 2k3 series are on youtube from multiple people you don't even have to own the series on 4kids old outdated out of order DVDs anyway.

But in any case, hope you're safe now! The true important thing is you weren't home when this burglary happened, I can't imagine what it would have been like if you were sitting there and you heard someone breaking into your house.

Guillaume Dubreuil said...

Welcome back!
Glad to see you are motivated ans positive in spite of what happened.
Looking forward to reading your next articles.

BulletTooth504 said...

If you can find any, you should post some artwork of the turtles beating the asses of some thieves who were in the process of stealing t.v.s and/or computers once you're up and running again.

Steven said...

This site is way too important to lose altogether.

Is it weird that I actually dreamed about the site's return last week?

John Kiss said...

Im glad things are starting to look up again! Sorry to hear about the break in, I hope you are able to start over on your projects, Id love to see a book from you in the future, Id but a copy

Brendan said...

I'm glad to hear you're getting ready to get the site back up again, but I'm especially sad to hear that your own book project was lost in the process. Hopefully, you'll be able to rewrite it, but nothing sucks more than losing your own creative work.

Good luck with that and all your other endeavors. :)

Mystery Cup of Joe said...

Hey Mark. I am super happy to hear that you are coming right back up from this hard time. I am sorry for the items you lost but at least you still got your health. You can still do many more things when you are still healthy.

Don't give up on your book. I would like to publish a fantasy/science fiction book as well and finding that motivation to continue (especially when you lose the work you had) can be hard. Think of it as an opportunity to make any changes or updates that you weren't going to do when you first wrote it.

I am excited to get to read your posts again soon. Take care sir.

JackalsIII said...

I'm glad you are coming along nicely! Very sorry that you were put in this position.

Anonymous said...

Make a list of everything you lost and need and we will help you to got them again.

Anonymous said...

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