Monday, April 30, 2012

Alright, things are back to normal

You've probably noticed the lack of regular updates for the past few months, with only reviews of the new releases being published here on TMNT Entity. The fact of the matter is that my obligations between finishing my degree and my full time job just absorbed too much of my free time.

However, I've finished all my classes and now I'll be able to update TMNT Entity on a regular basis, just like during the good ole days! So expect plenty of reviews of classic issues from Mirage and Archie, as well as whatever new stuff IDW pumps out.

And I'll even get back to translating the Super Turtles Vol. 3 manga which I had to put on hold, too (about a quarter of the way through with it, already).

So lots of Turtles stuff comin' up! Thanks for sticking with the site during the down time!