Thursday, April 18, 2013

TMNT (Fred Wolf) Season 3 Part 5 Review

Reviewed another batch of TMNT season 3 episodes for Adventures in Poor Taste.

TMNT (1987) season 3 part 5 review.

In this selection of episodes, we get Casey Jones's funniest appearance, the introduction of throwaway love interest character Lotus Blossom, a clip show with an origin for the Foot Clan that would later get retconned by the same writer, a Rat King cameo, the return of the Punk Frogs and the first appearance of Cajun Leatherhead!  All that and a shit ton of those toyline vehicles and accessories that were introduced in earlier episodes for no reason finally serve a purpose.  Continuity?  Perhaps.

All in all, I think the second half of season 3 is already proving to be more interesting than the first half.