Thursday, January 8, 2015

An X-Men review, for those who like X-Men

Not a TMNT review, but something comic-related I was writing before my vacation.

I've always loved the X-Men, but I'd never actually read anything from the pre-Giant Sized era.  You know, those early blue and yellow uniform issues; X-Men #1-66.  So I rectified that:

X-Men: The Blue and Yellow Era (Review).

This was definitely an educational experience for me and it was pretty exhilarating to read all those fabled milestone stories for the first time; adventures and origins I only ever knew in the form of summaries and adaptations.  Many of them weren't very good, but I had a blast.

I mean, I only ever knew Magneto as the dignified despot.  It was hilarious to see that he spent two decades acting like this all the time:

I'll get back to Turtle reviews, now.  Just thought I'd share this one with you all since I figured there'd be some overlap between the TMNT and X-Men fans out there.