Friday, January 28, 2022

The Aniverse #1


Originally published by: WeeBee Comics

Publication Date: October, 1987


The main story does not feature the TMNT. The only Ninja Turtles content is the back-inside cover, which features a pin-up of Donatello with Aniverse character Varcel, drawn by Peter Laird and inked by Michael Dooney.

Turtle Tips:

*This pin-up is only available in the 2nd printing of the issue. The 1st printing features an ad for Arrow Comics in its place. The covers are identical between printings, so be wary if you're trying to find this one for your TMNT collection.

*Aniverse characters also appeared in the crossover special Quest for Dreams Lost #1, which also featured the TMNT (although they never meet the Aniverse cast).


I don't own this comic, so all credit for discovering yet another rare indie comics Mirage TMNT crossover goes to Rich and his amazing TMNT Collection website/Instagram account.