Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Archie Comics

TMNT Adventures (miniseries)
TMNT Adventures (ongoing)
TMNT Adventures Vol. 1 (Tundra)
TMNT Adventures Specials
TMNT Presents April O'Neil
TMNT Presents April O'Neil: The May East Saga
TMNT Presents Donatello and Leatherhead
TMNT Presents Merdude
TMNT Meet Archie
TMNT Meet the Conservation Corps
Conservation Corps
Mirage Mini Comics Collection (Mirage)
TMNT Adventures: The Year of the Turtle
TMNT Presents the Mighty Mutanimals (miniseries)
TMNT Presents the Mighty Mutanimals (ongoing)
TMNT Mutant Universe Sourcebook
Sonic the Hedgehog
Furrlough (Antarctic Press/Radio Comix)
Gary's Gag Pages
TMNT: The Movie (Mirage/Archie)
TMNT Movie II: The Secret of the Ooze (Tundra/Archie)
TMNT III: The Movie
TMNT Adventures #∞ (Mirage)
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Adventures (Fleetway)


Marten van Wier said...

Hello Mark,

Any chance of you continuing the reviews on the Archie TMNT comics?
I just discovered your reviews and rather enjoy reading them.

In case you already posted an article in which you explained why you have postponed your reviews, or have stopped with them, sorry for this comment as I didn't see it.

(I can understand why it is sometimes a task of writing them as some of the preaching in the stories is damn annoying to the level of unbearable .
I remember it well as it was one of the reasons why I turned away from the comics all those years ago until recently only to discover that it became more heavy handed as the series moved on)

Mark Pellegrini said...

Sorry to make it appear like I've quit on the Archie series for any reason. I just got sidetracked reviewing Mirage books to the point that they were all I could think about!

I'll get back to the Archie series right away and try and balance out which publishers I review from now on.

Anonymous said...

More Archie reviews please :-)

Anonymous said...

can someone tell me what order i should read the tmnt archie series in i just got them all and started reading but it jumps and i miss some parts please send me a list in order my email is thanks

Mark Pellegrini said...

@Anonymous (7/17)

I've been determining that for myself as I've been going along through the series. Eventually, once I've read and reviewed everything, I'll make a chronology similar to my Mirage Continuity Timeline.

But for starters, I'd say:

TMNTA miniseries #1-3.
TMNTA ongoing #1-4,
"Origin of the Species" (from TMNT Meet Archie),
TMNTA #5-7,
"A Forgotten TMNT Adventure" (from Mirage Mini Comics),
TMNTA #8-13
"Green Legs and Gams" (from TMNT Meet Archie),
TMNTA #14-16,
"Red Sails in the Sunset" (from TMNT Meet Archie),
TMNTA #17-19,
Mighty Mutanimals Mini series #1,
TMNTA #20,
Mutanimals Mini # 2,
TMNTA #21,
Mutanimals Mini #3,
TMNTA #22-33
April O'Neil Mini series #1-3
TMNTA #34-37
Mighty Mutanimals Ongoing #1-5
TMNTA #38,
Mutanimals #6,
TMNTA #39,
TMNTA #40,
Mutanimals #7-9,
TMNTA #41-45

And that's as far as I've gotten so far.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much now i have somthing to go on and good luck with your archie tmnt timeline and thanks again.

jaimee said...

just to let you know i might have somthing that can help you. You know the year of the turtle it goes last in the time line. Because in the comic book a man sits on the bed next to a child that wants to hear more storys and the man says ok but this is the last one and then you have hurd them all. So that is what makes me think it goes last i thoght that might help GOOD LUCK!!!

laurelle said...

do you know where the don and leatherhead mini comes in the timeline thanks

Mark Pellegrini said...


I haven't gotten that far in my reviews yet, but it'd have to go somewhere between TMNTA #45 and #51. Likewise with the Merdude miniseries.

jaimee said...

Do you know by any chance where i can download the tmnt archie specials, and mighty mutanimals comics ?

Anonymous said...

hey do you know where the tmnt meet the last of the viking heroes fits in to the timeline. Becuse i checked the marage time line and could not find them. Are they in the archie tmnt time line?

Vincent said...

I was curious. Are you going to put in the TMNT Magazine Mini-comics in the timeline?

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to post an interesting factoid about the Slash trilogy(TMNT adventures #s 23 (search and destroy), 24 (Gimme Danger), and 25 (Raw Power)). All of the issue names are songs that were composed by the god-father of punk rock Iggy Pop. Cool issue titles for a cool story arc. I suggest checking out both the comics and the songs for anyone who hasn't.