Saturday, August 14, 2010

Miscellaneous Publishers

Amazing Heroes (Fantagraphics Books)
Anything Goes! (The Comics Journal)
Batman/TMNT (DC Comics)
Batman/TMNT II (DC Comics)
Batman/TMNT Adventures (DC Comics/IDW)
Bell County Comic Con 2018 (Bell County Comic Con)
Boris the Bear (Dark Horse Comics)
CBS Action Zone (CBS)
Comics Interview Super Special (Fictioneer Books)
Cowabunga Comics: TMNT Benefit Book (Friends of Children, Inc.)
Creed/TMNT (Lightning Comics)
Digital Webbing Presents (Digital Webbing, LLC)
Equine the Uncivilized (GraphX Press)
Fan Comics
Flaming Carrot Comics (Dark Horse Comics)
Furrlough (Antarctic Press/Radio Comics)
Grimjack (First Comics)
Il Giornalino (San Paolo)
The Independent Comic Book Sampler (Geoff Miller)
Ladies' Home Journal (Meredith Corporation)
Laffin' Gas (Blackthorne Publishing)
The Last of the Viking Heroes (Genesis West Comics)
Miami Mice (Rip Off Press)
Munden's Bar Annual (First Comics)
Muscle & Faith (Flying Colors Comics)
Mutant Turtles (Dengeki Comics)
  • See Dengeki manga index
Ninja Turtles Mutation Nation: The Green Pages (AJN Marketing/Playmates)
Nintendo Power (Nintendo of America)
Pre-Teen Dirty-Gene Kung-Fu Kangaroos (Blackthorne Publishing)
The Puma Blues (Aardvark One International)
Quest for Dreams Lost (Literacy Volunteers of Chicago)
Samurai Penguin (Slave Labor Graphics)
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Adventures (Fleetway)
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Annual (Grandreams)
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Special (Grandreams)
TMNT (Dreamwave)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Fox Box)
TMNT: Adventures in New York City (NYCGo Family Ambassadors Program)
TMNT & Other Strangeness (Palladium Books)
TMNT: Artobiography (Heavy Metal)
TMNT Cereal Comics (Ralston Purina)
TMNT Coin-Toons (Chicagoland Processing)
TMNT Comic (Titan Magazines)
TMNT: The Coming Out of their Shells Tour (Pizza Hut)
TMNT Magazine (Welsh)
TMNT Magazine (Panini)
TMNT Movie II: The Secret of the Ooze (Tundra/Archie)
TMNT: Smash-Up (Ubisoft)
TMNT: Street Collector's Edition (AJN Marketing/Playmates)
TMNT 25th: A Quarter Century Celebration (Heavy Metal)
Turtlemania Special (Metropolis)
Usagi Yojimbo (Fantagraphics Books)
Warriors of the Forgotten Sewer (Playmates)


amy said...

hi i was just wondering if you have a web sit that i can download these comics i cant find them on the web if you have them at home could you put them in a comic formate and put them on the blog thanks...
Mighty mutanamals 1 - 9
Tmnt adventures special 2 - 11
Tmnt meet the confederation corps
Big bang comics 10 Galahad
Shades of green 2 and 3
Spinal trapped
Team up with cerebus
Casey Jones 1 and 2
Turtle soup v2 #2
Turtle soup v2 #3
TMNT V2 #11#12#13
TALES V2 #56
Cereal comics mini #3
Yoshoikas tmnt manga
Super mutant turtles vol 2
Tmnt clasic digest
Tales v2 #52
Tales v2 #35
Tales v2 #55
meet the confetorashon corps mini 3
Casey and raph
The authorized traning manule 1-6

thank you i hope you can help me out thanks again

laurelle said...

hey amy i woud love to get a download link to all thoes two. I have a way you can get the mini cereal comics. Just type into gogal ...tmnt cereal comics cbr and they should come up. Hope it helps !!!

Anonymous said...

so where do these comics fit in the time line (guest for dream lose ect...)

Mark Pellegrini said...


I included those that are non-contradictory in the Mirage timeline already. Many are parts of other continuities or simply too "goofy" to work with the Mirage series.

In the case of Quest for Dream Lost #1, Laird specifically said in an issue of TMNT (Vol. 4) that it was non-canon.

The continuity designations are in each review under "Turtle Tips".

John Pannozzi said...

You should add these to the list:

TMNT (Dreamwave) #1-7 (by Dreamwave)

TMNT Magazine #1-11 (by Walsh Publishing)

Equine the Uncivilized #3 and 6 (by GraphXPress)

The Last of the Viking Heroes Summer Special #2 and 3 (by Genesis West)

Pre-Teen Dirty-Gene Kung-Fu Kangaroos #1 (by Blackthorne Publishing)

Miami Mice #4 (by Rip Off Press)

Turtle Force Fan Club mini-comic (by AJM Marketing Enterprises)

Eric Kelly said...

When will you review Dreamwave? Still mad that got cancelled so soon! Love your blog btw!

Mark Pellegrini said...

@Eric Kelly

I was planning on taking a break from my Mirage reviews soon and try a different universe for a stint (just to break up the monotony).

Dreamwave's only a compact 7 issues, so maybe I'll knock that out. I was considering doing the Flaming Carrot/TMNT miniseries, but man, I'll take any excuse not to read that.

Eric Kelly said...

@ Mark

Lol, haven't read that in years, too bad it sucks b/c I've enjoyed other Flaming Carrot comics. How about the issues of FC that turtles appear in? That was decent from what I remember.

I still need to read the TMNT/Panada Khan x-overs. That is, I think, the only x-over I haven't read.

John Pannozzi said...

@Eric, there was never a comic crossover between the Turtles and Panda Khan (though Leo and Panda Khan both appear on the cover to Equine the Uncivilized #6).

Eric Kelly said...

yea that is the one heard of, guess it isn't that interesting after all.

Jeff Jacobson said...

Here's a UK TMNT (or TMHT) comic written by Neil Gaiman for the Comic Relief charity.

Austin Reed said...

There were a total of 84 issues of Fleetway's Hero Turtles, but most were reprinted Archie material. Division's TMNT comic had 56 issues, most in fact being original stories, including a profile book for their original characters. Fleetway also had four poster mags and two holiday specials. Just to let you know.

Also, are you covering the TMNT newspaper strip?

Anonymous said...

Any chane of covering the web comic Tales from the Turtle Lair (

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could create a Foreign Comics index, and put all the Fleetway comics there along with all other non-USA TMNT-related comics.